Here is what our wonderful customers have said about us on YELP  (if you’d like to review us, click here):

8/2016 John from Hingham

With mechanics, sometimes you get the Evil Empire and sometimes you get the Rebel Alliance.  With Keegan’s, you most definitely get the Rebel Alliance.  There are no capes, no shiny helmets, no Star Destroyers, and no Death Stars, but just a ragtag bunch of guys with a mission who will do anything to get it done.

The steering was acting strangely on my wife’s car so I brought it in.  They told me I needed a new column, but the price was right and they turned it around quickly.

I would recommend them to anyone in the entire universe.

11/16/15 Joe from JP

Yes, I highly recommend Keegan’s . I tried other places in JP. This is by far the best! Been there for about 6-7 different issues with my cars and NEVER had any problems with the service I was given. They fixed everything the first time. It’s worth going here do me at least. I know this is the place for me.

11/9/15 Alison, JP

Keegan’s was recommended to me by friends in the neighborhood several years ago and yet somehow I never took my car in for service until earlier this fall. I am so sorry I haven’t been using their services until now – I could have saved myself a bunch of money and stress. Russ was immediately helpful – told me to bring my car in the morning I called, my brakes are replaced (never cheap but definitely necessary and a very fair price) and I drove away feeling like my car had been given a thorough once-over as Russ informed me of other potential things to have replaced/fixed in the future. Prices are fair and for those of us with long commutes/difficult schedules, it’s nice to know you can get in on a Saturday if need be. Short story – trust your friends.

5/28/15 Heather, Boston

I’ve now taken my vehicle to Keegan’s twice and also took my boyfriend’s truck here as well.  Again, Brian and Russ were quick to help and get the needed repair work done ahead of schedule.

Pricing is fair and I happily refer anyone in the area to Keegan’s!

5/1/15 Laura, Boston

When you become a customer, you’re less like a client and more like a member of the Keegan family! They just fixed the nail-in-my-tire situation in 15 minutes flat. How lucky am I to live around the corner? Thank you to Russ and the guys!

4/10/15 Abe, JP

Stopped by without an appointment to see if they could take a look at a loose wire mount in my tire well before my wife and I drive to Jersey tonight.  Mechanic came right out, installed a replacement bolt, and wouldn’t even take my money when I tried to pay him.  Very kind & professional – I’ll definitely be back.

2/11/15 Pickle, JP

Brought my Mazda 3 here after many failed attempts at other mechanics in JP to get an engine light issue cleared up. Been through 2 mechanics and at least 6 visits before coming to Keegan’s. These guys cleared it up in an afternoon and did it with some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. To boot there was a thank you card in with the info pack you get at checkout. Seriously. Hands down the best mechanic in JP. And for what it’s worth they’re the first certified “green ” mechanic by City of Boston. A true 5 star review from a very picky person.


I’ve been going to Keegan’s for about 15 years now. He is a fair and honest mechanic. He has told me when things are under warranty and called to get the part for free instead of charging me for it himself. He always fits me in, even with little notice. He is never anything but friendly as is his whole team.  It is hard to find and honest and skilled mechanic these days.  Recently, I was told by a NJ mechanic (engine light went on when travelling) that I needed a $1500 exhaust fix.  I brought it to Keegans and he said that he could do that or he could save me $1000 and just weld/repair the part that was there.  That was 4 months ago and the car is running great. I fully trust him and can’t recommend the shop enough.

I have been bringing my car to Russ for almost 10 years and have never been disappointed.  Before I bought a new car a few years ago, I was in there all the time with my old clunker and he always took care of the problem in a timely way.  I had to have the old car towed there a few times, sometimes needed last minute service on a Saturday, and could always count on a call back first thing in the morning.  Now that I have a new car, I don’t go as much, but over the years Russ has become a trusted friend and adviser on any car related issues.  I definitely recommend him and his team and as my car ages, I know I’ll be there more and more!

I was recommended to Keegan’s by a friend, and i was pleasantly surprised at how helpful and friendly they were. They explained the issues with my car, and the prices were affordable. They also were not pushy at all about certain things that my car needed. They are really great, and I recommend them!

I have lived in JP for almost two years now and one of the things I love about this area is that Keegan’s has my back on everything car related. I have gotten inspections, tune ups, oil changes, and everything in between. The guys are friendly and have a no BS attitude toward analyzing what’s not working right and then giving a fair shake on the prices.

I’ve had even had them help with my scooter. I love these guys. I would happily recommend them to anyone in the area looking a mechanic that wants you as a customer for life instead of a quick $50 today.

Service as good as it gets! Quick, efficient and well-priced. I’ll be returning and will recommend Keegan’s Service Station to friends and clients.

I don’t think I’ve ever gushed about a service station before, but here goes: It is a humid, 90-something-degree day. My Honda’s AC has been slowly dying for months. I am scheduled to take a long road trip with no AC. I called Keegan’s, and Russ not only agreed to fix the AC, but did so in a little more than an hour. He is courteous, friendly, and his shop is so efficient. They have won me over. They even left a surprise in the car. A thank you card for bringing my car in. Wow! I will recommend them to everyone I know. Don’t know how I’ve lived in JP this long and never knew about Keegan’s!!

My fiancé and I both take our cars here.  The service is warm, personal and not-pushy.  For the work I most recently had done, the price even came in under the estimate!  Will definitely keep going here as long as I am in the area!

Keegan’s is a great car service provider with an easily accessible location in JP. This is actually my first time owning a car, and Russ and Keegan’s has definitely helped with each step. Their work ethic is great, and they do a great job of explaining problems with diagrams in a non-judgemental way. They really go above and beyond to help out – for example they took my car to get it inspected for me. All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend Keegan’s for any car repair work!

I went to Keegan’s for many years- always terrific service.  Then I moved out of JP and took my car to local places– welp, yelp, I now drive 45 minutes just to take my car back to Keegan’s.  It is worth a service station that I can trust, to know I wont get taken advantage just because Im a woman, and to have my car actually FIXED! I *heart* Keegan’s!